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Stile and rail construction makes your doors special

sile and rail

What makes many doors in older buildings look so interesting? It's probably their wood stile and rail door construction - a technique that's been around since 1760. We're carrying on that tradition today with our TruStile and Lemieux wood doors. Stile and rail doors are built with separate components. The stile is the vertical piece and the rail is the horizontal piece of the door that work together to give you a few important advantages.

Flexibility - stile and rail construction allow for nearly unlimited design creativity, insuring them a truly unique appearance.

Craftsmanship - stile and rail doors have better depth and definition, creating distinctive door lines that stand the test of time.

Stability - stile and rail doors are built with separate components, so they naturally contract and expand without warping or bending.

And the advantages continue with their special cores and priming processes. Even if you need fire-rated doors, you'll receive some of the same design options that allow you to provide safety without compromising on style. From their sound-deadening qualities to their lighter weight, our stile and rail doors come from manufacturers that have used innovative technology to bring stile and rail doors into the 21 century as a leading choice for interior and exterior doors.

Beauty, craftsmanship, innovation - they're in every stile and rail door

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For a Stile & Rail fire rated specification, click the link below.
Stile & Rail Fire Rated Door

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