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 Setting our dealers up for success is a top priority at BWI for a simple reason.
 When you’re successful, we’re successful.
 Learn more about “the BWI Difference.”

Custom Frames

 When it comes to non-standard sizes and configurations, we have you covered.
 BWI Commercial fabricates frames from flat steel to your exact specifications.
 We specialize in custom stick / mullion / component, 3-sided knock-down
 frames, 3-sided welded frames, borrowed lites, transom frames, sidelites,
 custom elevations, and elevations with glass installed.

                Hardware Applied Services

                                 Our hardware applied services are turnkey solutions to help you keep projects on
                                 schedule and on budget. BWI installs devices and trims at our facility. We then crate
                                 the entire unit into one package that ships directly to your job site.

Large Volume of Stock Hollow Metal & Hardware

 BWI Commercial carries a robust inventory of Stock Doors, Frames, and Hardware,
 and offers one of the best product offerings in the industry. We’re equipped to quickly
 package your Hollow Metal, Custom Welded Frames, Wood Doors and Hardware into
 one crated shipment that can be delivered anywhere you need—including direct to job
 sites. We can even fulfill your most demanding hollow metal and hardware projects.

                Knowledgeable Tech Support

                                 BWI is known for our consistent quality, exceptional customer service, and team of
                                 professional sales and support staff. Our BWI Commercial Sales Team is ready to
                                 provide efficient and expedited quotes, and technical support. We treat your business
                                 as seriously as you do.


 BWI Commercial knows how to get you what you need—when, where and how
 you need it. Not only do we offer free delivery on our fleet of trucks to 13 states
 in the Northeast, we take the utmost care when packaging your products to ensure
 minimal risk of freight damage.

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