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COMMERCIAL                                                                                                                 Industry Education

The commercial door and hardware industry can be intimidating at rst. We nd that familiarizing yourself with the products, applications,
and industry terms makes things much easier. Below you will nd examples of some of the more common hardware items and their
commercial door application as well as a glossary of terms to help shed some light on the subject.

Door Closer                                                                                      Heavy Traffic                                                  Ball Bearing
316                                                                                              Door Closer                                                  Hinge
                                                                                                 416                                                          4-1/2” X 4-1/2”

                                                                                    Push Plate   Pull Plate
                                                                                    4” X16”      4” X16”

Heavy Traffic Vertical                                                               Heavy Traffic Panic Bar                                                      Spring Hinge
Rod Panic Bar                                                                      1000R                                                                      4-1/2” X 4-1/2”
                                                                                                X Series
                                                                                                Lock Set

                                                                         Lever with
                                                                         Exterior Trim


ADA                                                                                 Kick Down                                                                 Kick Plate
Compliant                                                                           Door Holder                                                               8” X 34”

GLOSSARY OF TERMS          FINISH CHART                                                US P       US 3        US 4  US 10  US 10B         US 15   US 26       US 26D US 32D
                                                                                       600        605         606    612     613           619     625          626 632
                      Image swatches are representations and

                      intended only as a visual reference.

Active Door           The leaf that opens first and the one to which the             Flush Bolt                A door bolt so designed that when applied it’s flush with the
                      lock is applied.                                                                        face or edge of the door.
(in a pair of doors)

Astragal              A molding or strip whose purpose is to cover or close         Inactive Door             That leaf of a pair of doors that does not contain a lock, but is bolted
                      the gap between the edges of a pair of doors. Some                                      when closed, and to which the stike is fastened to receive the latch or
                      types overlap, others meet at the center line of the          (or Leaf )                bolt of the active door.
                                                                                    Kickplate                 A protective plate applied on the lower rail of the door to prevent the
Ball Bearing Hinge A hinge equipped with ball bearings between the                  Lock Set                  door from being marred.

                                hinge knuckles to reduce friction. Mainly used for                            A lockset, complete with trim, such as knobs, escutcheons or handles.
                                heavy doors for ease of opening.

Continuous Hinge A hinge designed to be the same length as the                      Mortise Lock              A lock which is mortised into the edge of a door which
                                                                                                              combines the two functions normally requiered on a door;
(also called Piano Hinge) moving part to which it is applied, for example, the      (or Latch)                latching and bolting.
                                lid covering the keyboard of a piano.

Coordinator           A device used on a pair of doors to ensure that the           Passage Function Knob or lever set most commonly used in hallways where
                      inactive leaf is permitted to close before the active         (Hall / Closet)           a locking feature is not required.
Cylinder              leaf when an overlapping astragal is present and exit
                      devices, automatic or self-latching bolts are used            Privacy Function Knob or lever set most commonly used in bathroom or
Door Hand             with closers on both door leaves.                             (Bed / Bath)              bedroom; can be locked from the inside with a push button
Door Stop
Dust-Proof Strike     The cyclinder-shaped assembly (complete operating                                       emergency release feature.
Exit Device           unit) containing the tumbler mechanism and the
                      keyway (plug, shell, tumblers, springs and actuating          Push Plate                A plate applied to the lock stile to protect the door against soiling
                      device) into which the key is inserted to operate a lock                                and wear.
                      and can only be actuated by the correct key.
                                                                                    Pull Plate                A plate applied to the lock stile to grab and pull the door open
                      A term to describe the direction a door swings -                                        and also protect the door against soiling and wear.
                      Example RH - right hand or RHR - right hand reverse.
                                                                                    Spring Hinge              A hinge containing one or more springs to move
                      A device to stop the swing or movement of a door                                        the door into the desired position. It may be
                      at a certian point.                                                                     either single or double acting.

                      A strike with a spring plunger that compeletly fills the       Threshold                 A strip fastened to the floor beneath a door,
                      bolt hole when the bolt is not projected.                                               usually required to cover the joint where
                                                                                                              two types of floor materials meet.
                      A door-locking device designed to grant instant exit by                                                                                                   11
                      pressing on a cross bar that releases the locking bolt a latch.
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