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  Flat Goods

                                         For more than 45 years, Burns has manufactured door hardware
                                         and provided customers with a wide variety of high-quality
                                         architectural door trim. Decades of manufacturing experience
                                         allow them to produce aesthetically appealing and functional
                                         solutions to customer challenges.

Lites & Louvers                          Their main focus is to continually improve their designs and
                                         efficiency so we are able to offer outstanding product quality and
                                      ®  value for many years to come.

                                                                        Lites Louvers

Anemostat is the largest manufacturer of metal vision
frames and door louvers in North America. Although their
roots originate with more than seventy-five years in the Air
Distribution / HVAC business, the Door Products division
has been the leader in product quality, engineering and
development for more than forty years.

Sills & Weatherstrips

               WEATHERSTRIPS             Reese Enterprises is a family owned business that has
                 &THRESHOLDS             been designing and manufacturing door and floor products
                                         for more than eighty years. The company began as a “roll
10                                       former” of zinc and copper weatherstrip materials. Over
                                         time, door and window weatherstrips changed, and extruded
                                         aluminum shapes with vinyl, neoprene or polyprene inserts
                                         replaced the roll formed materials.

                                         Today, Reese Enterprises manufacturers more than 1,500
                                         products and serves door hardware and commercial building
                                         products industries nationwide.

                                         Contact your BWI Commercial representative to learn more
                                         about our current inventory of Reese products.
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