Hollow Metal

Hollow metal doors are versatile and durable


Hollow metal doors aren't really hollow. They're steel doors that come in a choice of core materials and a variety of styles. We also offer metal doors with the full spectrum of fire and sound ratings, as well as special order pre-finished painted doors that come in an array of colors to complement most any décor.

Mesker Door has been manufacturing hollow metal doors longer than any company in America. They offer new innovations in everything from their non-handed standard door and 14-gauge door to their NVS and Slide Lock Doors that are detailed on separate pages and accessed using the menu above. Want to know more about why metal doors are ideal for your commercial projects? Read on and talk to your BWI Commercial representative.

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Choose your steel door core & style

door cores

Our standard non-handed door comes with a polystyrene core that has excellent acoustical and insulating properties, along with a good fire rating. We also offer honeycomb, urethane and fiberboard cores that may be good choices for specific uses. Although we recommend polystyrene, we'll gladly help you determine if another core is right for your application.

At BWI Commercial, we maintain a large inventory of doors for quick delivery. Although most of our steel doors are either flush or paneled, you may special order up to 30 hollow metal door models. To view those, you may click the link below and talk with us about our many choices that include doors with windows and vents as well as dutch doors.

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Hollow Metal doors meet fire codes

fire ratings

Our steel doors have fire ratings from 3-hour and 1 and half hour to 20-minutes. Your door's fire rating needs to be at least three-quarters of your wall fire rating. For example, if your wall fire-rating is 4 hours, your door fire-rating needs to be at least 3 hours. For stairwells and places where a fire barrier is needed, the Mesker Temperature Rise Door reduces the heat transferring from one side of a door to the other. Talk to our BWI Commercial rep about the fire rating for your doors.

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Steel doors help achieve LEED certification

going green

BWI Commercial proudly supports green building and sustainability. Hollow metal doors and frames contribute the maximum number of possible credits for recycled content to the overall LEED certification of the building, because steel doors last longer, provide better core insulation, are recyclable, and with Mesker door, are manufactured in the U.S.A., allowing them to be shipped to you using less energy. So, go green by using hollow metal doors from BWI Commercial on your project.

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For more information about the many advantages of using hollow metal commercial doors, please click on the Mesker link below.
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