Our commercial hinges perform and endure

Hinges were being widely used by 1600 B.C. Why? Because if you have a door, you need hinges. So, we offer three types of full-mortise hinges - standard weight and heavy weight ball bearing hinges, as well as spring hinges. As their name implies, our standard and heavy weight hinges contain ball bearings that add to the durability and performance of your hinges. Most commercial and residential hinges are standard weight, with 2 ball bearings. If you have a heavy door, you'll want to use our heavy weight hinges that contain four bearings.

Spring hinges are actually considered door closers, because the adjustable tension spring inside them closes the door whenever it's opened. Fire-rated and emergency doors generally require spring hinges to insure the door closes. Often, when spring hinges are used, a single ball-bearing hinge is used as the top hinge, where the pressure on the hinge is greater.

Our standard weight ball-bearing hinge is equipped with an easily seated non-rising pin and is available with a non-removable pin. To complement your décor, our standard hinge comes in polished and brushed chrome, polished and brushed brass, brushed and oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, brushed stainless steel and prime painted. When it comes to hinges, we're ready to serve you.


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