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For quality locksets, door closers, exit devices and hinges, you're in the right place. At BWI Commercial, we feature Design Hardware that gives you a variety of options to complement your commercial door, whether it's hollow metal or wood.


What is there to know about commercial door hardware? Plenty. And we'll help you know all you need to know about the hardware that will keep your doors smoothly opening, closing and locking for years to come. To learn more about each of our four types of devices, click any of the subdirectory links above. Not all locksets, door closers, exit devices and hinges are created equal. Some manufacturers cut corners on quality. Other manufacturers offer fewer options that leave you few choices. And closerstill other manufacturers charge premium prices for door hardware products that are not durable or innovative.

So, we're selective at BWI Commercial. We only offer the best at competitive prices, along with the choices you need to fit every setting - from public facilities and municipal buildings to upscale offices and even residences. Then, we stand behind the products we distribute, making service and satisfaction our mission. Want to know more? Read the information provided on this site and talk with your BWI Commercial representative.


Click the image to download the Design Hardware Catalog.

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Durable, innovative and competitively priced, our Design Hardware is the next generation of door hardware