Frame your door with BWI Commercial


Few things are less appreciated but more important in buildings than door frames. A frame is the critical link between your wall and opening. Without a door, you can't get in or out of a room. Without a frame, you can't mount a door. Frames are crucial to the stability, safety and appearance of your building, so don't undervalue them. At BWI Commercial, we offer you a variety of quality frames from our handpicked manufacturers, who are each dedicated to the quality and craftsmanship you deserve.

Through Mesker, Masonite, TruStile, Lemieux and Mohawk, we offers metal and wood frames. Our metal frames are engineered with premium components to give you long frame life and best-in-class fit and finish, including welded, knock-down, cut-and-notch, adjustable metal and specially fabricated frames.

steel frameWe also offer nearly unlimited design options for wood fire-rated openings. One of them has a unique sealing system built into the door edges that allows the door and frame to form a fire-rated seal. It's your choice whether that seal is visible or concealed within the door's edge, giving you safety without compromise.

Our stylish wood and metal frames also meet the highest standards for protection. Our hurricane frame options are not bulky despite their strength and durability, and they even have standard window cut-outs for impact rated glass, simplifying their assembly without compromising beauty.

We offer glazing frames that are specifically designed to match panel molding,4tab frame as well as cellular PVC and brick mould frames that reduce maintenance costs. Whatever your frame needs, we have the ideal solution, because each of our manufacturers is dedicated to quality, performance and innovation.

We're ready to show you how special frames can be.

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