Door Closers

Every door closer from BWI Commercial is durable, dependable and Design Hardware innovative.

Door closers not only close doors, they provide you with an important measure of safety.door closer Look closely when comparing door closers, and you'll discover that our quality devices give you the durability and options that are vital in buildings where people of all ages regularly come and go.

Door closers store the energy used in opening the door and release it to close the door. They're commonly used on fire doors that should remain closed to preventdoor closer the spread of fire or smoke in case of emergency. But there are several important considerations when choosing a door closer, such as the weight and placement of your door, how often is it used, who will most often use it, and what protections should it provide. Each of our models is a "controlled" door closer because it has the valve and screw controls you need to determine how far your door opens, as well as how fast it opens, closes and latches.

Each of our models give you three mounting options - regular arm, top jamb and parallel arm.door closer At BWI Commercial, we'll not only provide you with dependable, long-lasting door closers, but we'll consult with you about the uses and adjustments of your doors and closers, because we know the function and performance of our door hardware is important to the safety of all those who use the doors in your buildings.

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acrobat  416 Series Door Closer

acrobat  316 Series Door Closer

acrobat  116 Series Door Closer

acrobat  73 Series Door Closer

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