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workerFor nearly a quarter of a century, Bridgewater Wholesalers, Inc. ® has made quality, service and innovation the foundation of our business. That's why we've partnered with Mesker Door. They're just as dedicated to quality, service and innovation. Mesker Door also has an incredible history that began in 1846 when John Mesker opened his first ironworks and tinning business. That business led to producing hollow metal storefront facades in 1864, which led to the invention of the hollow metal more than 145 years ago.

Mesker Door is the pioneer of the steel door industry, and they're still leading the way by using the latest technology to invent new products and improve their existing ones. Today, Mesker hollow metal doors and frames that were once only found in factories and military facilities are now preferred in schools, municipal buildings, apartment complexes, upscale offices and other types of construction. At BWI Commercial, we're also pleased that Mesker doors are made in the U.S., and then shipped throughout the world because of their best-in-class fit and finish.

Just as Bridgewater Wholesalers, Inc. ® has been supplying specialty millwork for many years, we at BWI Commercial are also pleased to provide you with the finest commercial door solutions that not only include Mesker's advanced hollow metal doors, their patented Replacement Door and their revolutionary NVS door, but also the latest in wood door technology from Masonite, Lemieux, TruStile and Mohawk.

Our BWI Commercial operations are headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. With more than 400 employees, multiple locations and a large fleet of vehicles, we offer shorter lead times and a larger inventory in order to provide our customers from Maine to Virginia with the finest service, quality and innovation. To reach us, please go to the Contact Us page.